2018 RR 4 STROKE

RR 4T 350/390/430/480 MY 2018

Lighter weight with better performance than ever before

The new Enduro RR MY 2018 is coming on the market with many revolutionary and evolutionary changes leaping the whole model range forward.

The Tuscan manufacturer was able to transfer of much of the know-how gained from the great racing successes of the 2016 season from the competition bikes to the production models after victories in both the Riders World Championship (E3 class) and the Manufacturers World Championship (EnduroGp class). The Beta engineers at Rignano, with guidance from their top riders, Steve Holcombe and Alex Salvini, have designed a new line of motorcycles that are remarkably lighter in weight with better performance than the previous models; a whopping 5.3 kg shaved off the 4-stroke bikes.

But this drop in weight is not the only feature worthy of note. The engines, running gear and suspension are products of a significant technical evolution which has further enhanced the strengths of this new generation of RR models giving them an ease of handling with a solid and immediate feeling as well as a high degree of reliability.

The design was also revised with the introduction of a new rear fender, new color for the plastics and graphics and, on the 4-stroke versions, a muffler with a completely new profile as well as a new internal layout.

Keeping with Beta tradition, six different displacements will be available for the RR my 2018250 and 300 cc 2-stroke and 350, 390, 430 and 480 cc 4-stroke models, each distinguished by their own specific character. This new range will allow every rider to find just the right Beta model at the right price.


Compared to the 2017 model year, a great deal of development has gone into the four-stroke engines, making them both significantly more powerful and yet smoother across the whole rev range. As well as increasing performance, these new features have shaved off about 1.7 kg from the engine:

  • New clutch A total overhaul has developed a more compact and lighter weight clutch that improves its scalability, precision and stability as operating temperatures change. This solution also permits the use of a much more tapered external clutch cover, making the lines even more graceful.
  • Elimination of the kick-start: the incredible work put into making the electric starter more reliable has allowed the kick-start lever to be removed, significantly reducing weight. Given the engine arrangement, a kick-start can still be ordered as an option.
  • New gear shifting selector system: improves the precision of the transmission eliminating any possible uncertainties when shifting gears.
  • New filter box: intense testing was done on the 4-stroke engine injection mapping and on the 2-stroke engine timing advance curves to optimize output enabling the introduction of a new filter box.
  • EFI with dual injectors: The introduction of dual injectors allows the application of dedicated maps for each engine displacement in order to increase engine performance (particularly in the middle and high rpm) and to increase mixture control which subsequently increases mileage.

The 2018 CHASSIS:

A great deal of attention has also gone into the rest of the motorcycle including the chassis and suspension which continues to use a Sachs rear shock absorber and Sachs 48 mm diameter front fork but with a new slider. Both benefit from updated settings to work in junction with the new frame. Many other innovations have been combined with this time-tested solution aimed at improving the aesthetic appearance as well as the dynamic performance of the motorcycle, through a weight reduction of the chassis of an additional 3kgs!

  • New Chassis:  The front-end has been completely redesigned enabling an increase in the flexural and torsional rigidity characteristics compared to previous versions and with a notable reduction in weight thanks to an improved structural layout. This generates a consistent improvement in handling and riding precision.
  • Air filter box and rear subframe: lighter and slimmer design giving the bike a more aggressive look.
  • Lithium battery: lighter in weight, more powerful and reliable.
  • Fork with a new slider: though also lighter in weight, this was developed to increase rigidity and reduce friction. Settings have been specifically calibrated to suit the demands of the new chassis.
  • New rear shock settings: adapted for the demands of the 2018 version chassis.
    • New skid plate: improved fastener accessibility for quicker removal.
  • New muffler heat shield:protects the rider from burns on both the 2 and 4-stroke versions.
  • Takasago Excel rims: with a new black finish specifically designed for Beta.
  • New colors and graphics:stunning white plastic with red frame sets the bike apart from the competition.



When the concept for a smaller capacity bike to compliment the rest of the BETA range was conceived the engineers at Beta didn't set out to necessarily build a 350cc motor. They set out to build a motor that provided the optimal combination of ideal torque and power and rideability. When the design and testing process was completed the engine that gave all of this happened to also be 350cc in capacity.

The world wide acclaim that the 350 has received is testament to the fact that the engineers at BETA got it right. The double overhead cam 4 titanium valved engine delivers a unique combination of tractable torque and top end horsepower that makes the bike very easy to ride at all levels. This allows the rider to stay in control at all times and therefore it does not tire the rider as bigger engined bikes can – you ride the bike, the bike doesn’t ride you.

Perhaps the biggest revelation however is just how light and nimble the smaller engine makes the bike feel. Although the RR350 shares the same frame and suspension as its bigger brothers the lower reciprocating mass and engine characteristics makes the bike feel much lighter. This combined with the bikes very low center of gravity and wide rider stance makes the 350 a single track weapon.

The RR350’s usable power and nimble handling characteristics mean that you can ride the RR350 better and faster for longer.


The extra capacity over the 350, different cams and ignition curves really let the RR390 lug. Whereas the 350 wants to spin up quickly the revs on the 390 build more slowly but the extra torque really puts every revolution of the motor to the ground.

You have the feeling the bike could climb a tree if it could get traction – nothing can stop it. Some have likened the power of the RR390 to the legendary power of the DR Z400 – just in a lighter, more agile and better handling frame. When the revs do build however the bike rockets along and takes hills and faster tracks in its stride.

Not being as powerful as the 430, you can be more ham fisted on the throttle with the RR390 and not find yourself in trouble but still have more than enough power to keep up with all your mates.

The great advantage of the RR390 is that whereas your mates on their more powerful bikes will be buggered at the end of the day, from fighting their beasts and trying to keep them out of the trees, you will still be as fresh as a daisy and ready for the next days ride.

Like the RR350, the smaller engine and chassis dynamics gives the bike a very light and flickable feel.

The RR390 is the ideal bike for the rider that doesn’t necessarily want to be the fastest rider on the trail but who wants to be riding as fast and in control at the end day as at the start and still be fit for work on Monday.

The BETA RR390 is often described as having the right amount power at the right time everytime.


The Beta RR430 is the E2 weapon of the range.

It’s a powerful bike and the engine, even in standard trim, has more than enough power for all but the fastest racers. Like all of the Beta engines however it does not come on in a huge hit but builds controllably so that it is fast and safe in a good trail riders hands.

Having power in reserve means that the average rider is using only a fraction of the engine’s potential and therefore it is not being thrashed at all which should lead to even greater reliability than the Betas have become renowned for.

Both the RR430 and RR480 drop two teeth off the rear sprocket from 50 to 48 which gives both of these bikes longer legs. This makes them ideal not just for the longer and faster fire trails but also for road sections or as a fast and nimble daily commuter bike.


The RR480 is the big brother of the RR range and it has all of the muscle to haul the biggest brothers amongst us or to cruise the wide open trails, the high country or the open road.

Like the RR430 the extra cc’s don’t make this an uncontrollable monster that can only be man handled by the strongest and fastest riders – the linear build of power makes the RR480 a gentle giant. The torque of the bigger capacity engine at low revs actually allows less skilled riders to idle over objects that riders on smaller capacity bikes would have to use refined throttle control to master.

Give this giant its head however and it eats anything in its path – it devourers the longest and steepest hills, gobbles up fire trails and roads and even gently grazes its way through single track.

The torque and power that the come with the larger capacity engine would allow the adventure rider or commuter to use a 14 tooth front or 45 tooth rear sprocket to give it higher gearing and make this bike a real tourer. Change the gearing and pick up a IMS long range fuel tank from the Beta accessories bin and head off to the Cape, to the middle of our great country or to the harder to get to wineries.

If that’s not your bag, buy the Factory bike and take on E3 at the next AORC – your choice.