About Beta Enduro

Situated just outside the beautiful and historic city of Florence in Italy BETA has, like the city, a long and rich history yet is modern and efficient. Also like the many magnificent churches and public buildings in Florence, BETA motorcycles are built with the mix of passion and engineering excellence that makes them beautiful, functional and able to last a lifetime.

The family owned and run company can trace its roots back to 1904 when Giuseppe Bianchi, the great grandfather of the current owner Lapo Bianchi, build handcrafted bicycles.

Under the direction of Giuseppe’s son Enzo and his partner Arrigo Tosi, the company began building motorcycles in the 1940’s and combined the initials of their names to form the company name BETA.

From this time forth the company has, with a combination of passion, Italian flair and superb engineering, built motorcycles oriented towards rider enjoyment and competition success.

At this time the plant was located in Osmannoro in Northern Florence and specialized in building sporty 2 and 4 stroke road bikes.

During the 50’s the tradition of successful motorcycle competition, which lasts through to today, begun with success in Hillclimbing, Motogiro and road race competitions. Another tradition that started in the 1960’s and that continues to today is the in-house production of exemplary quality 2 and 4 stroke motors.


A new and ultra-modern factory covering over 160,000m2 and incorporating a 1200m asphalt test track and extensive testing equipment was established at its current site in 1972.  The factory, with its own casting facilities, is capable of producing over 20,000 bikes and an additional 20,000 engines that are used by motorcycle manufacturers around the world.

It was around this stage the BETA began specializing more and more in off road motorcycles and enjoyed considerable competition success, initially in Enduro and Motocross but in the 1980’s most particularly in Trials.

It was during this time that BETA won four World Trials Championships with Jordi Tarres, three with Dougie Lampkin and a further six Indoor World Championships. Beta continues its commitment to world class competition with Jeroni Fajardo and James Dabill competing in the 2012 World Trials Championship and Marko Tarkkala and Oscar Balleti in the World Enduro Championship.

BETA returned to its roots when in 2004 it developed a four stroke enduro range built to be true to its DNA of competition oriented riders bikes. Initially utilizing KTM’s RFS range of engines in 2010 BETA launched their own range of 400, 450 and 498cc in-house designed, engineered and built engines. A 350cc engine was added to the lineup in 2011.



Beta trials bikes have been imported into Australia since 1989 and Beta enduro bikes since the start of their production in 2006. Until 2010 both the trials and enduro bikes were imported by DHT Racing Pty Ltd headed by David Ryan, who was later joined by Hugh Harvie and Trevor Campbell.

Since 2011 the range of Beta Enduro bikes has been imported by Beta Motorcycles Australia, which is headed by Gary Grealy. Gary has been a motorsport enthusiast all his life beginning with “borrowing” his mother's Honda CT90 to ride from his hometown of Mt Beauty to Mount Hotham in shorts and a tee shirt and racing an FJ Holden stock car in local races whilst still at school.

He competed in Motorcycle Trials in the 1970’s aboard a Kawasaki KT250 before switching to car rallying throughout the 1980’s. More recently Gary has returned to trials and completed in the Scottish 6 Day Trial in 2007, organized the 2005 International Super Trial and is a joint organizer of the 2012 FIM World Trials Championship.

BMA is developing a dealer network of like minded enthusiasts and is extremely excited to have attracted to their network dealers who love their off road bikes and Betas.

BMA and its dealers are committed to serving other enthusiasts who love owning and riding the world’s finest motorbikes.