Dealer Principal: Ram Wertheim

1/10 Uppill Place, Wangara, WA

Phone: (08) 9409 3332



Welcome to the studio!

Motorcycle studio is owned and operated by Ram Wertheim and whether you have a passion for road bikes or off road adventures Ram is able to relate. He has a devotion to all bikes and loves getting his adrenaline pumping when enjoying a perfect ride.

Ram moved to Perth in 2006 and brings with him a vast experience of all types of bikes. Before opening Motorcycle studio in 2014 he gained his extensive knowledge and insight into what makes a bike special while working for various motorcycle dealers.

Ram will give you friendly and professional advice to find the perfect fit for you.

"For me there is nothing like walking into a shop and not only get a smile, but get the full person's attention and a genuine will to assist and share their expetise. Hard to find? Well, try me at Motorcycle Studio for a new Customer Service experience. With me the relationship starts the second the customer walks in the door."

Motorcycle Studio's associate and co-tenate Start Gate Motorcycles is a fully equiped workshop with fully trained and experienced mechanics who will work with Ram to service all your motorbikes.  Motorcycle studio will not only make sure that you select the bike that is right for you but can ensure that it is set up and maintained to perfection

Call in and have a chat to Ram to learn all there is to know about Beta and soak up his enthusiasm.